Fully Insulated Garden Room

garden studios

We use PIR foil faced rigid insulation boards in the walls, floor, and roof sections of all our buildings. Although far from being the cheapest, this is the best insulating material available and is used widely throughout modern construction to meet current building regulations. For a given thickness it is 2.5 times more insulating than rockwool or fibre types of insulation. Outside the insulation is then wrapped in a high tech waterproof breathable membrane which just works like a Gore-tex jacket for the building, letting moisture escape but preventing ingress.

A ventilated cavity is formed between the breather membrane and the cladding which is critical for the membrane and insulation performance. We have a choice of timber cladding materials and we will also be launching a composite cladding option early 2023. Ventilation of the interior can be achieved in a number of ways. All our buildings feature a trickle vent fitted in one of the window or door frames which offers background ventilation (as specified by building regulations for new build homes).

There are also options to add opening windows to any elevation, and if there is something specific to be ventilated then we can fit extractor fans as part of the electrical package. We also offer an air conditioning / air source heat pump unit which heats, cools, dehumidifies, and filters the air inside the Studio. They are quite expensive to buy but do provide very efficient and a cheap to run heating option.

Approx U Values

0.27 walls
0.25 - 0.3 floor
0.2 roof
1.7 windows

High security doors

Our Studios are fitted with a top quality, grey vinyl wrapped, UPVC single doors. The door utilises a British Standard, insurance approved multi-point locking system and is glazed in toughened low 'K' Glass.

Maintenance-free roof

Maintenance-free roofing manufactured by Kingspan (a worldwide market leader in cladding, insulation and roofing products)

Internal electrics

Internal electrics are already fitted (two double sockets and directional spotlighting) and the outside connection is an outside junction box (which your electrician needs to connect to your house mains or an external hook-up plug via a caravan extension lead.

pir foil insulation wall