sauna garden room

The Brief

In April the Sanctum team were in Leeds installing this gorgeous Contemporary Studio with overhanging roof ready for it to be used as a sauna room. The building was to replace a “summer house” and needed to fit in between two bushes. The stone wall needed to be excavated and the decking continued back.

Nick was looking for a 3.6m x 3m unfinished Contemporary Studio to which he could add the sauna himself.  The studio had no flooring and internal electrics and was installed with the following:

  • Adjustable steel base and foundation system
  • Western Red Cedar at the front, rear and sides
  • Guttering and downspout at rear
  • Internal partition
  • Internal sauna door (which the customer sourced and provided)
  • OSB interior (except in the sauna area which was left open and ready to insulate and finish)
  • Insulated lobby, walls, ceiling and floors finished in OSB board ready to accept final finishes

Today, Nick emailed us with these amazing photos and this is what he said:

Finally finished the sauna!! Here are some photos of the completed project. Feel free to post them on your site.

If anyone wants any advice on converting your studios to a sauna I’m more than happy to talk to them, recommend suppliers etc.  We’re absolutely delighted with the building and it works really well as a sauna. I was very impressed with the service you provided and the way that you happily changed the basic design to meet my needs

We at Sanctum think this studio looks incredible. If you too want one of these, please email