garden room for beauty studio

The Brief

Nikki from Worthing needed some extra space in which to conduct beauty treatments – it was to be her therapy room. She needed the room to be light and airy and to fit it in to quite a tight spot at the bottom of her garden.


For the room to fit, the shorter side had to house the doors of this 2.4m x 4.2m Studio – the height was just less than 2.5m.

Planning Permission

In most cases with studios less than 2.5m in height, planning permission is not normally required. However in Nikki’s case she has to make an application due to using her garden room for her business. Nikki worked closely with a local architect who also liaised with Sanctum with regard to the specific details of the studio. Sanctum also supplied elevated drawings to support Nikki’s application.


The cost of a 2.4m x 4.2m Contemporary Studio with overhanging or cubed roof is £12900. In addition French doors (the size of which depend on the size of the studio) are a fixed price at £500. All Sanctum Contemporary Studios include delivery, installation and VAT.

How Long it took to Build

The Sanctum team were on site at 8am on day 1 of installation and the studio was in place and finished by the end of day two. All that Nikki had to do was to connect her house mains to the studio junction box via her electrician and move in.

Key Features

Nikki decided that the everything included in the studio price worked for her which included:-

  • Directional lighting and light switch
  • American Walnut laminate flooring and white skirting boards
  • White Melamine finish with joint strips
  • Guttering and downspout at the rear
  • EPDM rubber cubed roof
  • Western Red Cedar cladding at the front, rear and sides

The only optional extra chosen were the outside lights at £80 each.